Animators Needed

2013-06-15 19:16:46 by qutino123

Looking for animators to turn characters and script to life so if anyone is interested, hmu thank you :)


2012-11-12 16:51:48 by qutino123

Finally i can start using this page to post my work and creations so show your love and support and all the help on getting my stuff where it needs to be is appreciated :)


2011-11-06 17:27:23 by qutino123

going to start putting up my characters for my stories so stay tuned :)


2011-10-02 17:39:17 by qutino123

getting a website made which will hold all of my characters and novels. i will be adding stuff on here also. if you like what you read and see, maybe we can start a partnership in getting the stories actually animated. i can draw and write but the animation stuff is way over my head :( lol

Under Works

2011-09-05 00:58:52 by qutino123

right now everything i'm working on is on hold from the website until i get things copyrighted :), sorry!!